Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tickets to the Islands

FINALLY the prices dropped for the airline tickets! Honestly, I was getting worried that the prices were not going to drop at all since June is close to Hawaii's prime season. But thanks to Trinh, we were able to score get a great deal on our flight to Oahu, Hawaii. We got our flights for $170 flight from LAX to Oahu and $240 coming back. I understand it was more expensive coming back since its basically the prime season in Hawaii. It came out to be under $900 for both of our round trip ticket. SCORE!
I know flying out from LAX may prove to be a little bit inconvenient because we have to find a ride there but it's totally worth the money. There's so many options how to get to LAX from San Diego: 1. Get a ride from someone 2. Take amtrak and a flyaway bus shuttle 3. Get dropped off a hotel near LAX and take a shuttle.

Next step - Hotels =)


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