Friday, February 4, 2011

Engagement Day

It took a lot of preparation time for me, AJ.  I had to leave in the morning for work to open the restaurant and get them started, then I was on my way to the ask the big question.  As I left, a million thoughts in my mind but of course I was trying to remember my little paragraph of what I was going to say when I propose.  I had already written it on my phone, and still have it now, but wanted to memorize it.  So when I get back to the hotel, Jely was ready to get up and go, she had received the flowers, THANKS ALLEN'S FLOWERS, and then we were on our way.  We got breakfast at Richard Walkers then headed to our spot, Sunset Cliffs.  I had originally asked Jely out there 10 years ago that same day.  So we had our breakfast in the back of truck bed.  Unfortunately I had a flat tire the night before so there wasn't to much room in the back, but the flat tire in the bed actually worked perfect and it served as a mount for the vase of flowers that I sent over that morning.  So it had a nice little romantic picnic feel to it.  Wish the weather would have been warmer but it's always windy at the beach.  Then we headed down the cliff to exchange our gifts.  And then it was time....After we exchanged gifts, we ooed and awed.  Then it was my turn,. I was so nervous, I totally forgot about my whole little paragraph that I was going to say...  Jelly knows me so well, she was trying to leave but I was like no, wait... just couldn't get it out of me like usual when I'm nervous...then I tried my best to scrap what I could remember and went out and said it... then the rest was history and she said YES!  Excitement and happiness gleamed off of us.  Then we were finally on our way.  From there we got ice cream, then headed to watch the Lakers, a dozen phone calls made to tell others of the news and how it went.  It was a great day that I will always remember, even though the Lakers lost that day, I still came out a winner and landed me a once in a lifetime partner, companion, and love of my life....Jelynna Velarmino Gomez soon to be Fontecha...oh yea!!!

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