Monday, January 24, 2011

The adventures of finding an Officiant

Having a destination wedding has its many challenges. One of such challenges is choosing a Catholic Priest to marry us. One major issue is that we're not getting married in a church. It takes out about 99.9% of Catholic Priest to officiate our wedding. Another major issue is that we're in the mainland looking for a priest in the islands. We can't ask our priest here to fly all the way to the islands just to marry us.  Let me rephrase that. We can't afford to ask our priest here to fly all the way to the islands just to marry us.
So it seemed like we have two options: 1. Just get an non-denomination officiant (easiest way) 2. Look for any priest that can do a traditional Filipino Wedding.
Of course we opted for option two. What kind wedding would this be without a little challenge?
With the help of our wedding planner, we were able to find one priest to do our ceremony. Now our only issue is the Pre-Cana classes to get our certificate of counseling completion.
Now this is the tricky part of it all. We couldn't register for the Pre-Cana classes earlier because we didn't have a priest to give us the forms and recommend classes for us.  Also in San Diego, you can only get the forms to register for Pre-Cana classes from your priest. Now that we have a priest, we're not sure if we have enough time to go through the process.  Honestly option one is looking so much better right now. But we will continue on and see what can we do to make this happen. If there is one thing you need to know about me is that I usually find a way to make things happen. (Key word there is usually)  - Jelynna

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Since we can't afford fireworks on our big day, we bought the second best thing instead - SPARKLERS!! Now we just got to get it to the islands =)

Wedding Tip: Make sure to check your venue and local laws if they are allowed before you purchase them. For example, for Hawaii they are allowed on the island (and our venue) but getting them there is a bit tricky. We have to ship them by boat only and get the flammable insurance.

Dance Lesson

I've always loved dancing. When I was little, I remember bothering my Auntie Rizza when she was practicing with her dance group in high school. I wanted to learn all the cool moves I saw on TV. No doubt dance lessons were in order for our wedding. AJ was kind enough to entertain this notion and we are so happy we are doing it. Lessons are going great at Arthur Murray and we're learning all types of ballroom dancing. We're still learning and mastering our dance but we're very excited to show everyone. Hopefully everyone will love it as much as we do. -Jelynna

WEDDING TIP: If you and your significant other decide to do a choreograph dance, do it EARLY. It will be fun, something you guys can do together, and can lessen the stress for sure.