Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet n Greet 1.8.2011

The Meet n Greet was a success...very similar to our engagement party, we didn't expect as many people to come as we thought.  But it was good to see every one and see the excitement from others.  The main goal for the meet n greet was for the wedding entourage and sponsors to meet each other as well as give them some info that Jelly :) worked so hard on.  Basic info such as the theme and colors of the wedding, the day of, and a chance to answer questions face to face.  Some of the particular moments that stood out were....Jason opening up a twist off bottle with a bottle opener and Jasper straight calling him out in front of everybody.  So that kept the night going...also a failed attempt of a bonfire because of damp wood.  But we made the most of it as we yet again finished a bottle of Henny and expressed our emotions. 

We would like to personally thank everyone who made it out as well as my parents for putting there house up for the event.

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