Saturday, March 26, 2011


Saving up for your own wedding is very stressful and rewarding.  It sucks to not have that regular income that your used to, but in the end you know that the outcome of that savings is going to be GRAND!!!  Although we think that even after the wedding that saving is actually going to be apart of our regular monthly duties.  For our future and all.

The planning is still moving along well, we're beginning to purchases the items we need and do the necessary payments for services as well as we count down to less than 3 months.

I, AJ, am very excited as we get closer to the date.  Everything is coming together, and I want to commend Jelly so much for all that she has done with the planning.  She has such a creative mind and firm goals,if she wants it, it will happen.  So I know that our wedding will be legen.....DARRYYYY!!!

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